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Gemstone Astrology Facts Worth Noting

In the past couple of years, the popularity of gemstone astrology has been rising all thanks to the influence of gemstones in the lives of a lot of people. Before you go about choosing gemstones for yourself, it is best to gain some knowledge about gemstone astrology first. For starters, gemstone therapy is considered to be a crucial healing arm in the horoscope astrology among the Indians. There has always been a consistent mention of the relationship between color, gemstones, and planets across ancient astrological scriptures. In the same concept as sound, color symbolizes a certain energy in the cosmos. Along your spine, the colors violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red represent the seven energy centers or chakras present in the body. Each chakra represents a specific color that follows the color order of the light that passes through a prism. If you consider gemstone astrology carefully, you will learn that the cosmic rays in different colors or wavelengths have corresponding effects in your body and mind. Different zodiac signs show different affinities to certain colors, which you can identify as favorable or unfavorable.

The next time you purchase any gemstones, it would be best to look at your gemstone astrology. When it comes to buying gemstones, it is always the best idea to choose the best gemstones in terms of quality and affordability. For stones with the highest grades, the precious gems diamond, emerald, sapphire, and ruby always stand out. In gem therapy, these gemstones are well-known to work best. For horoscope readings, the best gemstone astrologers will also be recommending these gemstones too. Turquoise and topaz, on the other hand, are substitute stones of lesser potency. They are still used in gemstone astrology yet are less costly. However, you may have to wear them in a larger size so that they can provide the same effects or strength as the other gemstones.

To make the most of your gemstones, make sure to only use them after rinsing and cleansing them in purified water and exposing them for a few hours under direct sunlight. There are certain days of the week that relate to every gem. For instance, Mondays to Fridays for pearl, coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, and diamond, respectively. During the weekends, you have blue sapphire and ruby for Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Based on gemstone astrology guidelines, men should wear gems on the right and women on the left. You may wear gems on your upper arm like a bangle. You can also wear them on the right finger as a ring. Wearing gems can also be done around your neck. At the end of the day, the gemstones that you will be wearing should be set to be touching your skin. The reason for this is to ensure that cosmic radiation will transfer to the body of the person wearing the said gems.

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